Benefit as an ambassador or partner


As an ambassador of Soulpath HQR-card you are a real fan! Your own experience with the card is so positive that you like to share it with others in your circle of friends. Via a personal sales link that you distribute via e-mail or social media, friends and acquaintances can purchase a card from you. This way, more and more people can enjoy the benefits that you also experience!

What are the benefits?
You have the choice to receive a commission or free Soulpath HQR cards on the sales you generate through your personal sales link and you give your friends a discount of 5%. You can also buy the card yourself in larger volumes in the webshop, which you can then resell.

How do I become an ambassador?
When you have purchased a Soulpath HQR-card you will receive an email 1 month after purchase with the question if you want to become an ambassador. It is also possible to register using the registration form below. After registration you will receive an email with the necessary information and your personal sales link.


A partner is someone who also promotes the Soulpath HQR card outside his or her circle of friends. Preferably they themselves are also active in the health sector. If you are interested in further expanding and professionalising your efforts, you can let us know. We will then discuss the possibilities in a personal meeting.

You can contact us using the contact form below. Then we will look at which option suits you best.