Soulpath Quantum Resonance Card

That 5G is coming is a fact. Anyone who is hypersensitive, has vague symptoms, tends to become irritable can better protect themselves. Electrosmog changes the structure of our etheric body (our protective layer) through which harmful radiation affects emotions, physical health and our thinking. But that's not all... HQR card - the size of a bank card - offers protection and has been specially developed to restore the disturbed balance in our body fluids.

Scientists warn of possible serious health effects of 5G

180 scientists and doctors from 36 countries warn of the danger of 5G, which will lead to a huge increase in exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

A lot of research has been done into, whether or not, alleged effects of EMF transmitters. The industry likes to rely on the relatively harmless thermal effects, but a lot of scientific studies show harmful non-thermal EMF effects.

Superfast 5G internet will be introduced very soon. To guarantee high speeds, even in busy areas, many more transition towers and small antenna systems are needed. These antennas are popping up all over the street. For example, they will be placed in bus stops, lampposts and buildings or fences.

Several studies show that under the influence of EMF radiation too much calcium can flow into the cell. Different systems in the cell are then activated, which can lead to the release of so-called free radicals. Too high levels of free radicals are in turn held responsible for DNA damage, rapid ageing processes, cardiovascular problems, tumours, etc. Low-frequency EMF transmitters can activate the calcium channels (* VGCC). As a result, an excess of calcium flows into the cell, after which various underlying systems are activated. After calcium enters the cell, nitric oxide (NO) can be released and free radicals can be released.

The Harmonic Quantum Resonance Card (HQR) - a unique concept -

The unique concept of the HQR card ensures high effectiveness with a large range (± 3 meters). You always carry this card with you and put it on your bedside table at night. In this way you stay almost permanently under the influence of the harmonic resonance of the HQR card.

The compact HQR card, the size of a credit card with a thickness of ± 0.80 cm, is made of 100% natural and non-toxic materials and is fully recyclable.

What do our customers think?

Danielo Marcera
Danielo Marcera
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I use The Harmonic Quantum Resonance Card for about 3 weeks now. I started noticing after the 3rd day that the card was doing something for me I drag very deep and solid.
I've become much more assured of myself.
I'm less anxious.
I'm better in my skin.
More focus.
Also notice that I have more energy, all day.
But if I want to relax, I'll turn my card around with the flower to me.

This card has come my way for a reason, and I am very grateful that this has happened to me.
I recommend everyone try it for themselves.
You're going to be amazed at what it's going to do for you, give it at least 3 days.
You will be amazed at the result.
Jon Green
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Initially I was sceptical about the claims of this HQR Card having suffered from electro sensivity since 2014. After testing the HQR Card for some months I found it has helped me to live and work in places that previously I couldn't comfortably stay for morme than a short time. The card doesn't remove 100% of my symptoms but does help me live a near normal life. I endorse this product so much that I joined a partnership to retail the HQR Card.
Kumara LlaneraDirector of Technology & Affiliate Relations, ForceField EMF Solutions Inc.
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Since being identified has having EHS (over 4 years ago), the only solution in terms of regaining my natural strength and vigor is going offgrid.

I found myself homesteading for land with another friend who is even more severely EHS than myself, with more pronounced detrimental effects of man-made, non-harmonic frequencies, through wireless technologies deployed into public spaces. Since having the card on me at all times, I found that I have "effects of being offgrid", while being in places of high density with WiFi, and 4G cel towers in cities and townships, by having greater physical strength, mental clarity and memory recall.
The card doesn't remove 100% of my symptoms but does help me live a near normal life. I endorse this product so much that I joined a partnership to retail the HQR Card.
EricSan Francisco
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My mom took a nap in the afternoon about two hours after we received the cards. She kept hers in her pocket while she slept and she was able to recall that she dreamt. When she was interrupted by a bathroom break, she was able to continue her previous dream! For the past three years I have been asking her what she dreams and she believed she didn't dream. Yesterday was the first time in three years she was able to recall dreaming. I find that may be more than coincidence but I will keep you updated. Thank you for bringing this technology to the world! I am very appreciative.
Ruben Dewulf
Ruben DewulfCEO Soulpath
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Thanks to the card, I can make calls with my mobile phone in the car, I can use my GPS from my mobile phone. I can sit in the garden, in the sunshine, with the wifi on. I didn't used to be able to do this.

The map came as a call from the universe because I wanted to work with the Healy and I didn't like it because of the Bluetooth and the wifi or 3G/4G. So 2 days after I met Healy the HQR card came on my path.

So the map gives me much greater freedom.
I noticed at the gym. That I could push more weights and walk longer on the treadmill. This allowed me to burn fat faster and build muscle mass faster.
My mother has had much more clear dreams since she has the card next to her bed.
And yesterday my friend had a swollen eye from a mosquito bite on her eye. She has been lying on her bed under a pyramid with the map the calming, the curved lines on her eye and in the evening the swelling was gone.

I'm super thankful the map crossed my path. It gives me a lot more freedom and also more strength. Strange to mention. Sneaky and I hear that from several people. Is it like Smeagul from Lord of the rings who longs for his ring.
Yeah, it makes you feel good. And I really hear that from several of my clients.
Thank you so much!
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I feel good with the map. With the map I feel clear and centered. One time I forgot it at work, it didn't go well. E.V.
Anne-Marie V
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The HQR card really surprised me beyond all expectations. I felt more vitality during the daily cycling and the long walks. I came out of a long burn-out, which caused me to get physically, emotionally and mentally stressed. What I especially notice now is: that I wake up in the morning from a deep sleep, that I see my dreams clearly and that I start the day fit. For me this card is part of my daily SELF CARE, which makes me feel more fit.

Experiencing harmony in my life and allowing me to reach out to others.

Operation of the Soulpath Harmonic Quantum Resonance Card

The Soulpath HQR card has been specially developed to restore the disturbed balance in our body fluids. For this purpose, the HQR card is equipped with a double Q-Resonator, which is also connected to two "power boost" strips, for local applications.

The Card is also equipped with a twin Q-Resonator, which is also connected to two ?power boost? strips, for local applications. The Q-Resonator contains a special alloy which corresponding frequency, promotes concentration, helps with tension and fatigue and supports digestion.

The HQR card also strengthens muscle strength. "For example, I notice by myself and during a fitness test that I burn fat faster and develop muscles because the muscle strength increases, so I can do more weights and more intensive exercises" says Ruben Dewulf.

In a rest home in China a lot of beautiful stories came up about strengthening the muscle strength with the map, this is an effect they only discovered afterwards. Older ladies who walk faster, can stand up more easily or some who were so weak that they could hardly bring their bag of soup to their mouths that they can now.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

A: The body recovers with the map, which in the first time some detoxificationreacties can give. Recovery is especially at night, melatonin plays a major role in this. Normally it will feel from turn shouldn't take long. The map at night ALWAYS with the loop side to slack off. In beginning possibly a little further away than 3 meters. Also daytime eventuebuild it up by carrying the card. Altime NEXT VITAL DRINK WATERand so a little more than usual, to support the body with it disposal of waste materials. 

A: The HQR card doesn't activate anything. Hand all the card does is counterbalance in opposition to negative radiation, making the resistance can improve and recovery ability cavethere is a possibility be. So definitely wear. 

A: JSure is. Anyone can wear the card on their body. 

A: The map doesn't activate anything. Hand only what the card does, is balance against negative radiation. Wearing the card is then sufficient. 

A: On the inside of the card is patented. What we can say is that it's a strong RESONATOR is. There are two pictures in there, one of which is like a ANTENNE works and  the othere like a TRANSMITTER. It goes the disharmonising golfcollect and forthe –lichaamharmonizethe waves and generate the body so supportIt owes its special properties to the FORMbut also to the METALLIC COMPOSITION which has been usedOne such substance is e.g. BISMUT. It is a metal with the property that it is quite hocan capture and transmit frequent waves. In addition, they are all NON-GIFT metals that are used, each with special properties. 

A: There is a similar effect with the inside of the ring, only the card is infinitely stronger, because of what we did in the card. 

A: The card is made of a BIOLOGICAL GMO FREE MAÎS PLASTIC. The frequency that the card broadcastt, is because of this only harmonic healthy frequency. So she is also eco-friendly and degradable.  

A: Taster-friendly was determined by accident that when we put our fingers on the Resonators (the pictures on the inside), it would be much more powerful. Vthat's why we made them stick out a little more on the sides, so that this way, by putting our fingers on them, we can... the extra deactivated menu, more can be used locally. We've already heard a lot of positive results about this. And remain graag receive these experiences. That's why we recommend everyone to just try it and see what it does for you.because a lot of positive things are happening that we didn't expect. 

A: What the card does is: Turn bad energy into good energy (from disharmoniserend to harmonizing) and that's what a TRANSFORMATOR does. 

A: All we can do is get the politicians and the city counciltcontinue to demand hours for more and independent research and our well as our experiences or complaints. Furthermore, the map therefor meant to protect ourselves already as much as possible from the harmful effects of the radiation. 

A: We have constantly EMF  (Electro Magnetic Field) radiation around us. Both natural (harmonizing) and disharmonizing radiations. The transmitter continuously picks up these two types of radiation. and that's what he's resonating on. The nice thing is, the more powerful the rays come from outside, the stronger he gets! 

A: Basically not. Of course it depends on how you deal with it. Ver avoids heating and freezing to ensure proper operation. There are people who had already put it in the washing machine and it came out unscathed, but that is not the intention. He may not last a lifetime, but the energy doesn't diminish. You can him in pursee stoppers for extra protection against wear and tear. 

A: The card should not be specially cleaned or charged, as with crystals. Again, a bag to put him in. stitcheshandy are to keep the card clean. 

A: The card has the size of a credit card, only a little thicker.  exactly 0.045 KG dimensions 8.2 cm by 5.20 cm and 0.80 cm thick

A: Users of the map experience dEeper sleep (remembering dreams), more restedextra muscular strength.... 

A: The card goes into the first place by its harmonizing effects, restore the hexagonal water structure in our bodies. This will restore our blood circulation and immune system. As a result, hand may appear to first cause symptoms such as feeling dizzy, headaches, ...thirst... Which all points to recovery phase, detoxification. Then there would be gcan gradually disappear into ailments. That is why it is good to keep a journal with your complaints and your health.Rev level to notice improvement. Like pain, sleep, emotionele and mental health, physical strength and endurance, skin conditionitie, harvest marks, tinnitus... after everything has recovered, in the experience of one only the power and added value gaat experienced.  This could take several weeks depending on your state of health and supporting this process by e.g. exercising more and having enough vitality. to drink water. 

A: Yes, the card works with all kinds of radiation. Because the card just uses the rays to feed itself and convert it. The higher the radiation, the strongershe's going to work. 

A: Everyone has a certain voltage in their body, magnetismby biochemical reactions. Dthese are not polarized. The map has here as a consequence doesn't affect it. The card usedkt that minivoltage of the human body to load itself. It'll take the physical load normalize.  

A: On one side you'll see triangles (Pyramids) with straight lines. This symbol comes from the old Egypt and is the activating, stimulating and thus the Yang side.  On the other side we have the 7 chakras root and crown chakra at the bottom and then the 5 male and female chakras with the Shushumna or central channel in the middle. This side interferes with our own chakras and will bring about a slight harmonization. The symbol returns in ancient Greek mythology. This is the feminine, Yin side, with the soothing, calming, relaxing aspect of the map. 

These symbols give an additional effect to the map, is therefore not what the map was initially developed for.